Liebert EFC, Evaporative Freecooling Solution

The system
includes indirect air-to-air heat
exchange and evaporative cooling
technology all in one footprint.
The Liebert EFC is capable of
reducing air temperatures by
leveraging on the evaporative
cooling principle.
Through this technology, the Liebert EFC can thus achieve pPUE levels
of 1.03 ensuring top energy
efficiency, as well as minimized
operating costs.


  • Integrated Chilled Water Coil or Direct Expansion System: These technologies ensure the unit's operation even in climates characterized by extreme humidity levels or severe temperature peaks
  • Advanced Vertiv ICOMTM Control: Ensures high level management of the units to work together as a single system, thus optimizing room temperature and airflow. Furthermore, it features a new 7” touch screen display for quicker and easier data readability
  • SmartAisle™ Control Logic: Optimizes internal air volumes and temperature according to specific server needs, ensuring that not a single Watt is wasted
  • Eurovent Certified Heat Exchanger: Eurovent certification guarantees that Liebert EFC heat exchangers undergo independent testing, thus delivering rating accuracy and enhancing the unit's reliability


  • Provides superior annual efficiency while granting lower water usage
  • Achieves industry leading peak power
  • Ensures complete separation of air streams preventing any contamination and humidity infiltration
  • Designed for minimal maintenance
  • Individual units allow for scalable deployments

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