Liebert DSE​ Free Cooling System, 50-250kW

The Vertiv Liebert DSE is the industry’s first pumped refrigerant economization system designed specifically for data centers with up to 50% higher efficiency than traditional systems.


  • Pumped Refrigerant Economizer
  • Advanced Thermal Controls
  • Microchannel Condenser
  • Independent Thermal System Design
  • 50-250kW capacities
  • Upflow and downflow configurations (50kW unit with downflow only)  


  • Minimizes compressor use to maximize free cooling
  • Eliminates need for bringing outside air and contanimants into the data center
  • Eliminates water usage, no costly water treatment required
  • Auto-economization increases the number of free-cooling hours throughout the year
  • No dampers and louvers to maintain
  • Industry-best condenser efficiency
  • N+1 thermal redundancy
  • Capacity can easily be scaled without affecting the rest of the cooling infrastructure, while maintaining desired redundancy
  • Lower refrigerant charge than traditional DX systems

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