Liebert GXT2 On-Line UPS, 500VA-3000VA

This product is discontinued.

Liebert GXT3 UPS

Liebert GXT3™ true on-line uninterruptible power system (UPS) combines low cost of ownership with rich functionality, small size and high capacity. The UPS offers internal batteries, optional external batteries, and internal bypass capability, resulting in continuous uptime for the connected equipment.​​​​

Liebert GXT3 UPS, 10 kVA Tower

Liebert® GXT3 tower is a network UPS available in two different 10 kVA versions. As features, it has integrated maintenance bypass, compact tower design, as well as optional extended battery runtime.

Liebert GXT4, 1000-3,000VA TAA

The TAA-compliant Vertiv Liebert GXT4 UPS, with a capacity of 1000-3000VA, is a compact and reliable solution for maintaining the health and availability of your IT infrastructure. Using on-line, double-conversion technology, the Vertiv Liebert GXT4 UPS protects equipment from the full range of power disturbances, including sags, surges and noise, without drawing on battery power, extending battery life and minimizing replacements.

Liebert GXT4, 500-10,000VA

Recommended to protect mission-critical equipment, Liebert GXT4 is a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power with no break when transferring to battery.

Liebert UPStation GXT, 10kVA

This product is discontinued.