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Small Room Cooling and In Row Cooling

Small Server Room Cooling Solutions

Find the perfect Liebert small room cooling solution for your data center, including the Liebert MiniMate2, Liebert PDX, and Liebert CRV. These data center cooling solutions offer superior cooling and humidity control, space-saving configurations, a variety of mounting options like in-row cooling. The solutions are specifically designed to save space and protect electronic equipment in small spaces. Our Thermal Management solutions are intelligent, self-optimizing and rapidly deployable to make your data center as dynamic as your business.

liebert crv

Liebert CRV, 19-40kW

The Vertiv Liebert CRV system offers highly flexible, in-row cooling for data centers requiring higher density cooling. Featuring the industry’s most advanced performance optimization with Liebert iCOM controls, the Liebert CRV offers the highest delivered row-based cooling efficiency, and is the only row-based product that can independently control temperature airflow.

Liebert DataMate Mission Critical Cooling System, 5-10.5kW

Liebert DataMate is a small footprint cooling system for 7×24 temperature and humidity control in network closets, computer rooms and other small spaces. Its low profile permits floor-mount or wall-mount installation, and requires little or no floor space.

Liebert Mini-Mate2, Ceiling-Mounted Precision Cooling System, 3.5-28kW

The Liebert Mini-Mate2 is a zero footprint computer room cooling system for 7×24 temperature and humidity control and air filtration. It installs above a dropped ceiling and is easy to service, requiring only front access for maintenance.

Liebert PCW, Chilled Water Room Cooling Unit

Liebert PCW is the ideal chilled water cooling unit, providing an efficient solution for data center and server room air conditioning. This water cooling system is available in a wide variety of configurations and capacities, ranging from 200 kW to 6 MW.

Liebert PDX Compact DX Cooling System, 11-29kW

The Liebert PDX direct expansion cooling system offers the industry’s highest efficiency, protection and capacity per footprint for server room cooling. network closets and other small spaces.

Liebert SRC Mini-Split Cooling System, 4.5-9kW

The Liebert® SRC™ system is a high efficiency, simple and easy to install mini-split air conditioning system for server room cooling, network closets and other edge computing IT spaces. Providing 1.5 to 3.0 tons of cooling, the Liebert SRC is compatible with the optional Liebert iCOM CMS, an advanced thermal monitoring and control system designed to improve uptime, efficiency and BMS connectivity in remote locations.

Liebert XD Pumping and Chiller Units, 130-160kW

The indoor Liebert XD Pumping and Chiller Units include the Liebert XDP and the Liebert XDC units. These refrigerant-based systems support Liebert XD System spot/zone data center cooling modules, including the Liebert XDO, Liebert XDV, Liebert XDH, and Liebert XD CoolFrame units. The Liebert XDP is used between the cooling units and an associated heat rejection system, while the Liebert XDC is used between the cooling units and a chilled water system.

New Liebert Mini-Mate, Ceiling-Mounted Variable Capacity Cooling, 10.5, 14 & 17.5kW

The New Liebert Mini-Mate 3, 4 and 5-ton (10.5, 14 & 17.5kW) variable capacity system is an efficient and reliable ceiling-mounted precision cooling system for edge computing and other small IT spaces. It saves customers money and increases IT protection through a high-efficiency variable capacity design, fast installation, lower maintenance requirements and built-in remote monitoring and management.

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