NetSure V200 Retrofit

Enables eSure rectifiers, NetSure rectifiers, and legacy PCUs to be used side-by-side in existing large power plants, improving system efficiency and permitting expansion.


•Works with legacy LVPS rectifiers without any electrical or mechanical adjustments to existing system
•Compatible with ultra high-efficiency NetSure rectifiers that increase efficiency from 85% to >96%
•Does not require an upgraded controller unless the MCA is older than version 5.0.0 (shipped after September 2003)
•Reduces energy consumption by >11% and heat loss by >73%
•NetSure reliability improves mean time between failure (MTBF)


•Significantly improve efficiency levels with eSure rectifiers approaching 97%
•Extend the life of legacy system eliminating transition cost and risk
•Improves current harmonics from 26% to <5% and power factor from 0.94 to 0.99
•Keep your plant up and running during installation and maintenance with hot swappable modules
•Compatible with or without original rectifiers in same system