NetSure ITS Series

Centralizing power in the rack allows both main power and backup power to scale at the same rate as the IT load. With the NetSure ITS 12V DC integrated rack solution from Vertiv, IT loads and power are configured to minimize
stranded capacity and to size hold up times according to the user’s needs. The result is an efficient and economical power strategy that provides ultimate flexibility by enabling IT capacity to be added one rack at a time.


High power density - Up to 26.4 kW per shelf in three rack units (5.25")

Interchangeable rectifiers and battery backup units

Power boost to supplement power output of the rectifiers

Hot swappable – allows for system expansion without disruption

Expandable up to three shelves (72 kW) per system (12V DC at 6000 A)

Operates over a wide AC input voltage range with multiple input configurations

Meets international safety and EMC compliance standards


Build out data center capacity quickly with modular building blocks of integrated power

Right-size capacity for actual demand and scale as needed

Eliminate the need for external backup with local in-rack energy storage

Limit input peak power with innovative power boost functionality

Lower energy cost by reducing power conversion steps