Albér BDSU-50 Universal Battery Diagnostic System

Real time battery monitoring for 12V/16V up to 50 modules in series.


Real Time Data Capture

Overall String Voltage

Individual Cell Temperatures

Discharge and Float Currents -

Thermal Runaway Management -

Individual Cell Voltages -Ambient Temperature

AC Ripple Current System Advantages and Features

New patented DC test verifies the integrity of the entire battery system:
- Internal Cell Resistance Test (Battery State of Health)
- Intertier Connection Resistance Test
- Mid-String Disconnect Switch Resistance

No onsite computer is required for data collection and alarming - multiple remote communication options

Easily integrates to building management systems -Manage your battery assets across multiple sites with the Battery Xplorer Enterprise software



Increased Availability

Detects open and shorted batteries

Provides advance warning of an impending battery failure

Eliminate the risk of human error

Reduced Maintenance

Costs Enables extended maintenance intervals by basing maintenance on the condition of the batteries rather than arbitrarily timed schedules

Automates all of the IEEE recommended practices for battery maintenance and testing except visual inspections

Reduced Replacement Costs

Enables extended replacement intervals by basing replacement on the condition of the batteries rather than arbitrarily timed schedules

Provides documentation to support warranty claims

Increased Safety

Detects and mitigates catastrophic conditions including thermal runaway

Minimizes shock, arch-flash, burn and chemical risks by reducing personnel exposure to batteries

Meets the rigorous safety requirements for test and measurement equipment under UL 61010-1

Improved Compliance

Allows users to comply with International Fire Code (IFC) 608.3 by providing the ability to detect and control thermal runaway

Provides documentation to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards

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